If you are nostalgic for the “I Spy” books that graced the bookshelves of most 90’s era children, you’ll get a kick out of Marianne’s “Seek and Find Table.” 

Made from two french doors from Second Use and several smaller items she found looking around the store, the table illuminates a huge assortment of treasures of yesteryear.  The reel, water facet, some old fuses, some screw drivers, toy bowling bag, pin, our logo and many other things came from Second Use, combined with things from around the house and contributions from family and friends. 

The legs came from an old patio table – they were cut by her husband and welded to make them fit and secure. The table has ‘lists’ for finding things in the table – and several magnifying glasses for fun.  There is a kids list (pretty easy to identify) and a hard adult list (play on word items like “Mothers Little Helper” etc.).

Marianne raves that it was really fun to create with everyone pitching in, and she hopes others are inspired by the idea. We certainly are and are appreciative for her willingness to share it!

If you have a recent project you would like to see showcased in our gallery, please email a few pictures as well as a description of your project and inspiration to [email protected]