Last weekend, Second Use broke from our routine of material removal and salvage to do quite the opposite- build. As part of our ongoing relationship with Habitat for Humanity, we had the opportunity to take part in the construction of the newest home in The Woods at Golden Given, Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity’s largest neighborhood to date. When complete, The Woods will consist of 30 homes built in partnership with low-income families in Pierce County.

This build commemorated the installation of “The Wall of Hope,” a wall constructed with studs emblazoned with positive messages and encouragement for the new homeowners from sponsors throughout the community. It was incredible to see the same 2×6 that had floated around our break room gathering signatures and messages just a few months ago now integrated into what, by the end of the day, looked more like a home than a stack of lumber.

This experience was a tangible reminder of what we as a community can achieve through reuse, and the impact it has beyond waste diversion. When customers elect to donate their materials to Second Use, they are sold to benefit local Habitat for Humanity affiliates so they can build more homes for the people that really need them. Last year, we managed to divert over 10,000 items from the landfill on behalf of Habitat for Humanity and raise over $200,000.

We thank you for your continued contributions to Second Use and Habitat for Humanity, large or small. Whether you spend a day on site building homes or just swing by Second Use on the way to the dump to see if any of your material can be donated, your efforts tangibly build community.