It’s no secret that Mighty House Construction is our go-to local contractor for sustainable residential spaces. They prioritize sustainability without sacrificing beauty or functionality and often incorporate salvage into their projects. This weekend, you have the opportunity to tour one of their most recent projects: the North Beach Artists Lofts during the Master Builder Association’s 2016 Remodeled Homes Tour.

These homeowners decided they needed an on-site studio after having their first child and wanted to find a sustainable solution that would have minimal impact on the property.

A few of the most exciting features of this DADU (detached auxiliary dwelling unit):

  • The ability to keep it simple in the original smaller home and have a separate space for artistic pursuits
  • Two stories, meaning that the structure has a small footprint on the property (in terms of building codes) and the planet
  • Taking advantage of reused materials! A salvaged circular staircase, repurposed barn wood siding, and barn door with a custom sliding track
  • A slot in the second story floor gives them the ability to slide large paintings through to the first floor
  • A finished bathroom

Visit the space on October 8-9th from 11-5 at: 8907 31st Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

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