For the last several months, Second Use has hosted DreamVision Development Company as they worked on their building project, Containing Homelessness.  A prototype of a self-contained housing unit designed to help the homeless transition to independent living, the space uses old shipping containers for building blocks, converting them into housing units with 80% of materials sourced at Second Use.

The homeless problem in Seattle has become hard to ignore. Hansel Horton of DreamVision and Dirk Wassink of Second Use have combined their resources and skills in an attempt to address the situation. We believe this is a unique opportunity to provide low impact, green housing units.

Both DreamVision and Second Use aspire to help create a safe, sustainable, healthy environment by reducing the carbon footprint using repurposed materials.

This Friday, October 21st, Dream Vision and Second Use invite you to join us for a tour of the Containing Homelessness project during business hours between 9 and 6. To arrange a group tour, please contact Dirk Wassink at (206) 763-6929.

For further information please contact Hansel Horton of DreamVision at: (206) 200-8037 or, or Dirk Wassink of Second Use at (206) 763-6929 x108 or [email protected].

Come, Look, Be Inspired, Take Action!