Last month, Meryl from Sleepers in Seattle came by to discuss upcycling with Mary Anne.  Below is an excerpt Meryl wrote for her blog after her visit. Thanks for coming by to talk salvage!

“My favorite part of any project is the shopping part.  Even a new sport.  Once I’ve purchased the cute new outfit and the equipment I’m pretty much done.    Ooooh, those weights come in colors?  And then I lose interest.

So when I learned about upcycling (see one of my previous blog posts) I was excited about the shopping element.  I’m always trying to bring things into the house and my family is always trying to get rid of them.

I wondered why I felt so at home at Second Use.  It suddenly hit me that a store full of salvage was comforting because it reminds me of my childhood.  My father was a scrap dealer.  He referred to himself as “the original recycler” (he also like to jog before it was fashionable.)  My mother referred to him as an MD.  (Metal Dealer.  I think she was less than comfortable being the wife of the junkman.)”

Check out the full blog post here.