“I bet it’s hard not to buy everything” is a phrase every Second Use employee hears at least once a day. And it’s true- with up to 1,000 new items coming through weekly, it takes a profound level of self control not to spend the bulk of your paycheck before you’ve left the building. Yet somehow, we all manage. And with our brand new series, 2U Cribs, we show you how. Each post will feature the space of a different Second Use employee so you can see how salvage plays a role in our lives (and maybe glean some inspiration for your own)!

Employee: Emma

Space: Bedroom

Featured Second Use Materials: Metro Paint, Shelving, Locker Baskets, Desk, Hamper, Vanity, Lightbox, and Decorative Objects

Since I live in a rental, big projects are kind of out of the question, and I’ve got to work with what I’ve got (two different kinds of flooring in one room, for example)! My first step for room overhaul was to paint the walls with Metro Paint- I used two shades of white (Mountain Snow and Seashell), to play off the aforementioned flooring quirk. I got almost all of my storage from 2U as well- the blue basket lockers, metal baskets, mid century Loroman desk, and gold hamper. A coworker made the beautiful purple heart table that serves as my vanity (thanks Ricky!) and I couldn’t resist the “Rose Ale” lightbox that sits beneath it.

My favorite little project is the mid century record cart by my bed- I cut a piece of CVG fir down to fit on top and voila! a bedside table that stores all of my oversized art books that don’t fit on my shelves.

One of the hardest things for me at work is to not buy ALL the little tchotchkes…but I definitely can’t resist all the time. On my shelves and tables you will find small foundry pieces, little metal and wood baskets, a set of tiny ceramic mugs, a vintage fishing weight (who needs a kettle ball??) and an old stamp machine (I’ve got plans to make it into an art piece) as well as the sweet wire basket hanging above my desk.

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