Last month we got in some substantial chunks of purpleheart wood.  Our crafty customers and employees alike were excited to get their hands on it.  For those unfamiliar with purpleheart, it is a tropical hardwood found naturally in Central and South America and its heartwood is a truly breathtaking deep purple color.

One of our employees, Ricky, snagged a few pieces and created this gorgeous table, complete with vintage hairpin legs from Second Use SODO.  The surface was made using two pieces of purpleheart. He split a longer piece into a book-matched set for the center and cut a shorter piece in half to create the ends. The wood was then glued and finished with two coats of oil, two coats of clear polyurethane, and two coats of wax. The hairpin legs were sanded down to bare steel and lacquered with clear coat and waxed before attaching them to their new top. The legs fold down diagonally against the table, making it easy to transport and stow. Beautiful work, Ricky!

Are you inspired to do a DIY reclaimed wood project? Check out our current selection of tracked lumber here, or come by our store to check out even more untracked material.  And don’t forget to send your project photos and descriptions to [email protected] to be featured in our blog!