Lincoln High School was established in 1907 to serve the growing population in North Seattle. Located in the Wallingford neighborhood, it was for many years the most attended high school in the Seattle area. During the 50s and 60s, enrollment reached as high as 2,800 – the largest in the city at that time. However, after the rise of busing and access to other educational options, it closed in 1981 due to declining enrollment.

Since then, it has served as a temporary location for many schools and community organizations during renovations of their own spaces. Ballard High School, Latona Elementary School, Bryant Elementary School, Roosevelt High School, Garfield High School, the Wallingford Boys and Girls Club, and most recently Cascadia Elementary have each called Lincoln an interim home over the past 36 years.

It is now slated to re-open as Lincoln High School once again in fall of 2019, following extensive renovations. Second Use Salvage Services was called to help preserve material from this 110 year old school before the massive remodel commences. 5 buildings full of lockers, lab cabinets, handrail, vintage fir built-in cabinets, and more await you at our Second Use SODO Store!