Did your New Year’s Resolution happen to be to pursue a career in a field that benefits both the environment and local community while affording you the opportunity to work with your hands and get the freshest pick of salvaged building materials? Well it can be: Second Use is hiring! 

We are seeking qualified candidates for both our Salvage Services and Customer Service/ Yard Crews.


Second Use is a community focused business dedicated to keeping reusable building materials out of the waste stream. Our salvage crews go into houses and commercial spaces slated for remodel or demolition and harvest the good stuff (doors, cabinets, windows, appliances, flooring, hardware) to prevent it from going to waste. We haul it back to our retail stores (located in SODO Seattle and Tacoma) and sell it to the public for a fraction of the cost of regular new retail.

Our staff members share a passion for keeping good stuff from going to waste, an interest in old stuff, a strong work ethic, and general sense of humor.


-Paid time off
-Employee discount
-Quarterly store credit dividends

Second Use is looking for a new member on our salvage services team. This position focuses on active salvage of building materials in homes and other buildings. Job candidates should have background in building salvage and/or construction as well as excellent communication skills and aptitude for positive team participation.

Typical work functions: 
Provide friendly and professional customer service to our suppliers (homeowners, contractors, developers)
With other team members, use specialized tools and techniques to safely uninstall reusable items from homes, schools and other buildings
Load and secure building materials in our trucks for transport
Drive trucks between jobsites and store
Unload materials at our store and assist with processing
Maintain tools, safety, supplies and job documentation
If assigned a lead role, provide leadership and support of salvage crew on a project by project basis, ensuring safety, facilitating communication with the client, prioritizing and sequencing work to achieve client satisfaction and project profitability
Typically work four, ten-hour days. Some weekend work may be required.
Crossover work in other parts of the business, such as receiving, warehouse and customer service, to help with overall business needs.

An ideal candidate will have these qualifications:
Self-motivated and reliable worker, willing to put in a full 10-hour day
Enthusiasm for a safe work environment
Able/willing to safely lift 75+ lbs and move heavy materials on a consistent basis
Experience with construction and taking buildings apart
Experience managing projects
Experience with positive team leadership
Clean driving record and experience driving trucks
Knowledge of building materials, reusability, valuation


Typical work functions: 
Provide friendly and professional customer service to our diverse customer base (bargain hunters, DIY’ers, designers and builders)
Process customer transactions
Load building materials into our customers’ vehicles
Work with yard team to restock the store
Merchandise inventory
More generally this position includes:
Potential for learning and advancement
Working within a team and independently
Maintaining a safe and organized work environment
Weekend work included, typically work weeks are 4 ten-hour days

An ideal candidate will have these qualifications:
Must be a self-motivated and reliable worker
Enthusiasm for a safe work environment
Must be a hard worker willing to put in a full 10 hour day at 100%
Must be able to lift 50 lbs all day long
Experience moving heavy materials
Experience working in the building trades
Knowledge of building materials

If you are interested in joining the Second Use team, please send a cover letter to [email protected] explaining why you are interested in the position, along with a resume detailing your qualifications for this position.