Looking for some last minute holiday spirit? Haunt your home with salvaged scares for an authentically terrifying Halloween!

1. Item #655777: The Second Use Chainsaw Massacre

At only $20, this guy is ready to be smothered with fake blood and placed in a creepy (but safe and out of children’s reach) spot. Trick-or-treaters beware!


2. Item #656675: Justice is Served

What’s heavier, a human skull or a bucket of candy? We’ll let this scale decide.


3. Item #652185: Witch’s Brew

This massive cauldron is as authentic as it is heavy (which is to say, VERY). When you’re done using it to scare neighbors, it’ll make a great planter, baby bath, etc.


4+5. Items #634983 + #656287: Headless Horsemen (or Zombies, or Ghosts…)

Nothing says “Halloween decor” like a fake body dressed to impress (or frighten). Bury halfway in your yard, separate into pieces, use later in the year as Santa’s elves, the possibilities are endless.



*Wishing you the spookiest and most mischievous of Halloweens*

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