Second Use invites you to join us for the opening our March Artisan Pop Up featuring the work of craftsman Nils Rye of Rye Craft on Saturday, March 9 from 4-6 at our Seattle store!

Nils Rye is a local craftsman and Second Use’s “Wood Specialist.” Using his knowledge and passion for wood, he works with local suppliers to curate our unique selection of lumber. But his handling of salvaged lumber is not restrained to the our inventory- outside of work, he consistently incorporates reclaimed wood into his own projects.

“Wood and steel get great beauty from the passage of time that cannot be replicated, and a good builder finds a way to accent that,” he describes.

Nils started his fine wood crafting while living in Japan making bespoke wood surfboards and fins, but the craft has always been in his blood. His father is a hobbiest luthier (guitar builder) and former shop teacher. He grew up with him building the cabinetry and other furniture around the home.

While overseas, Nils also taught woodworking at Sasebo Naval Base. After returning to the Seattle area he began to shift his focus to furnishings that combine rare and unique woods with repurposed materials, proving that environmentally conscious living can produce a beauty all it’s own.

Relish in this beauty up close at the opening for first dibs and the opportunity to meet the artisan! Items will be listed in our online inventory the following day.

Interested in having your own pop up? Apply online here.