Second Use invites you to join us Saturday, June 8th for our 6th Artisan Pop Up from 4-6 at our Seattle store. We are proud to showcase the work of local craftsman Scott Connell of Salvage and Spruce, a one-man shop located in Ballard.

He will be selling an assortment of furniture and home decor made from reclaimed wood and salvaged industrial items. Almost everything he makes is one of a kind, as he often lets the material dictate the project.

A self taught woodworker, Connell got his start when he delved into doing his own home renovation. After the renovation, he realized he still had the tools and was burnt out on his corporate career. The notion of creating something tangible inspired him- so he left his job and started his furniture business- a decision that has fared well for him.

“It’s incredibly satisfying to look at a completed piece and are able to say…yep, I made that,” Connell explains.

From the beginning, Connell has enjoyed working with reclaimed material.

“Shiny new furniture is perfectly fine but I like things with a bit of patina. I also firmly believe in the concept of taking something that has already served a very useful life in some other application and giving it new life as a beautiful piece of furniture or home decor. One other fun aspect of working with reclaimed material is that you get to solve unique challenges in order to make things work; it keeps the process interesting,” he said.

Check out his work in person all month long at Second Use as well as frequent stockists Epic Antique in SODO and Haystack Antique Bellevue.

Looking for a custom piece? He works with a local metal fabricator to create pieces that combine wood and steel and is currently accepting commissions!