What: We are hosting a live session, via Zoom, with Doug Elfline of Mighty House Construction, where you will be able ask him your questions about using salvaged building materials. We were originally going to hold two in person workshops in the last month, which we have canceled due to Covid-19. We will prioritize questions about using salvaged doors, windows, and cabinets—as those were going to be the subjects covered at the in person workshops. We plan to be answering questions for at least an hour, and can stick around for another half hour if the discussion is still lively!

When: April 11th, 2020 at 11am

Where: Whereever! This is a live session that will be hosted on Zoom and can be accessed online or on a phone.

How: To receive the Zoom conference information, RSVP to [email protected]. You can also send your questions ahead of time to give Doug a head start on topics!