Second Use has been in operation for 26 years! We are celebrating with a month-long Fall Fest. Make sure to stay tuned each week for different sales. These sales are good for in-store and over the phone purchases. We also have a pretty fun little treasure hunt going on in our stores, and one RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! Complete and post your treasure hunt finds by October 17th on Facebook or Instagram.  Choose 4 of the topics listed below. Post your four photos, tag us & use the hashtag #secondusetreasurehunt. We’ll DM you the “treasure”!


1 / Take a photo of a beautiful light fixture

2 / Take a photo of a repurposed item (Something not being used now as originally intended)

3 / Take a photo of an installed paneled door

4 / Take a photo of your most prized Second Use find in its new home

5 / Take a photo of some vintage hardware

6 / Second Use Swag Selfie!

7 / Take a photo of some beautiful woodgrain (finished or unfinished OK)

8 / Take a photo of something that is uniquely PNW