Due South of Second Use Tacoma sat a local favorite in Lincoln Hardware. A true mom and pop, it had been run by three generations of a local family. The current operators, all siblings, decided to retire this year. They did it on their own terms and timeline, and were not forced to close by any external pressures. We wish them all a very happy retirement!

Display and aisles of Lincoln Hardware in Tacoma before the owners retired and closed the business.

Second Use was very happy to help them find new homes for some of their custom built display units. We are using some of the units in our own Tacoma store, and it makes our crew happy to have that bit of Tacoma history living on at our store.

But we also have several units available for the legacy to continue with you! Maybe you will find one with some hand written information about what used to be on its shelves!

Read more about Lincoln Hardware’s legacy in this great article by local historian Kim Davenport.