Our Tacoma salvage crew completed a BIG job in the summer of 2021. A mansion built in 1910 in Tacoma’s North End (just outside the North Slope Historic District) is sadly going to be coming down. Luckily, we are able to save a bunch of the great old materials from it before it happens. The house had three stories plus a full basement and had been converted to a triplex. There was evidence of a few remodels, but a lot of the original materials remained. Someone had already started to remove the items when we were brought in, so job one was to haul those out. Next we worked on the window sashes and other trim and fixture pieces. Lastly, we got to work on those old locally produced fir floors. These items all go back to our Tacoma store and are sold to the community, many of it ending back up in other historic Tacoma homes.

You can see available materials from this location here.