Charcuterie Board Finishing Workshop in Tacoma

In this workshop you will take a pre-leveled and planed charcuterie board blank and create a finished board, ready to use or gift. There will be a selection of boards to choose from, and you will receive a $20 credit to use towards the purchase of a board. Typical cost range is $20-$45.

We will provide live instruction as well as tools, sanders, sandpaper, and finishing oil.

You should bring with you a pair of work/gardening gloves, eye protection if you have it (we’ll have some available for those that do not), and you should wear clothing that you can work in and get dirty.

We will be working with hardwoods, including walnut wood. If you are sensitive to wood dust, please bring a respirator. If you are allergic to walnut or other hardwoods, please refrain from attending this class.

Saturday June 10th 10AM-12PM
Second Use Tacoma
2328 Fawcett Ave
$20 Workshop Fee