To celebrate our 7th anniversary in Tacoma, we’re hosting a Maker Exhibition and Party at the end of March and we’re inviting you to join in!


We want to showcase our Second Use Maker Community by seeing what you can create with our salvaged organ pipes! These hearty, wooden and metal instruments are reclaimed from several different organs, and come in a variety of sizes from 12 inches up to more than 7 feet long. 

We want to highlight the creativity that can be applied to these pipes, so makers are encouraged to create art, design an object or build something new using them – anything is fair game as long as it uses at least one of our organ pipes. You’ll have until March 18 to complete your project and send us your entry picture.  

To get started, visit our Second Use store in Tacoma, fill out an entry form, and purchase one or more organ pipes. For participating, we’ll provide a 20% discount on any organ pipes. 


All projects will need to be dropped off to our Tacoma store before 3/22 to be displayed during our 7th Birthday party. Store credit prizes of up to $200 will be awarded during the party. All projects will be available for pickup between 3/24-3/31.

We’re really excited to see what you will make and to get you started, here are some cool ideas for inspiration: