Recently, our salvage team was engaged to save a copper roof from a 3000 square foot house slated for demolition by the owner. This type of roof is not very common in Seattle, even though it’s resistant to the elements, and a great protective layer against our rainfall, fire and thermal changes, so it basically lasts forever. However, it does cost significantly more than asphalt roofing, which is all the more reason to keep it out of the landfill.

“This was a great opportunity to capture material we don’t see very often. Roofing materials are rarely this valuable, so we were excited for the chance to save this one.” – Vik, Salvage Services Manager

Working over four days, the Second Use team removed each piece by hand, using practically only pry bars and brut strength. The result is a ton of beautiful material with a wonderful patina ready for your renovation, backsplash or art project.

All of these unique copper sheets are now available in our Seattle warehouse. We are offering them at $15/sqft. There is a lot of life in these character-rich sheets, so we look forward to see your creativity with them. Check availability here.