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Second Use is a community focused business dedicated to diverting reusable building materials from the landfill and selling them to the public at an affordable cost through our retail outlets.

In other words, we go into houses and commercial spaces slated for remodel or demolition and harvest the good stuff (doors, cabinets, windows, appliances, flooring, hardware) to prevent it from going to waste. We haul it back to our retail stores located in Seattle and Tacoma, and sell it to the public for a fraction of the cost they would buy new.

Our staff shares a motivation to battle waste, an interest in old stuff, a strong work ethic, and general sense of humor. We work (4) 10 hour days each week, which for the wrong candidate may prove to be exhausting, but in our eyes, affords us eternal 3-day weekends.

Second Use is committed to paying employees a living wage, as well as providing the following benefits: medical insurance, dental insurance, paid time off, an employee discount, and quarterly store credit dividends.

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