Our Team

Alden   they/them

Store Lead

They jumped the dimensional divide to join our cause. Keeper of the third ritual, glows under blacklight.


Anna   she/her

Yard Crew

Anna comes from Nebraska, and spent some years on a farm in Vermont. Now she spends her time surrounded by what she loves, old antiques and hardware.

Anne   she/her

Lighting Specialist

Makes just about anything she can get her hands on light up.

Antje   they/them

Receiving Team

Antje really loves to explore the full salvage space, and can be found helping out anywhere we need them!

Boet   he/him

Tech Wizard

In the middle of the war on waste, a strange person has chosen to battle entropy and broken printers.

Boi   they/them

Yard Crew

Boi grew up in the rust belt and tends to gravitate to industrial areas of the cities they reside in. Welcome home Boi!

Calyn   she/her

Co-Owner + General Manager

We call her our general manager, but we mean the general glue that holds this whole thing together.

Second Use Employee Dash takes a break on the edge of the bed of a truck on a job site.

Dash   he/they

Field Crew

Some people collect stamps. Dash collects dead things.

Dave   he/him

Yard Crew

Our friendliest giant. Holds the Second Use Fall Fest record for preparing 1100 hot dogs in 6 hours.

Dirk   he/him

Co-Owner + President

Fearless leader with a past career in tribology.

Em   they/them

Field + Store Lead

Em loved growing up in Tacoma so much, they came back after living in Hawaii.

Flynn   they/them

Receiving Manager

Superhuman levels of strength and positive energy. Also, the creative force behind our iconic “grill” and “man eats house” tee shirts.

Second Use employee Grants headshot.

Grant L.   he/him

Yard Crew

Grant brought his passion for repurposing all the way from Colorado to Seattle’s best salvage yard.

Hopey   she/her

Yard Crew

The Elusive Florida Skunk Ape. Loves vintage furniture and You.


Yard Dog

Jack works tirelessly to ensure that this scrappy salvage crew stays upbeat and on task!

Jackson   he/him

Receiving Team

Jackson enjoys putting his creative writing skills to work by giving item descriptions a little extra panache.

Jeremy   he/him

Field + Yard Crew

Jeremy likes long walks on the beach, red wine, and salvaged yard decorations.

Jessie   they/them

Store Manager

Salvage boss by day, DJ by night. Keeps leeches as pets.

Jon   he/him

Front Team

This cheery metalhead and Seattle/Tacoma native came to rock the salvage world. Ask about his secret combo move!

Judy   she/her

Field + Receiving Teams

Handy on a synthesizer or a job site, we might just hear a sawzall sampled on her next track.

Katie   she/her

Yard Crew

Katie keeps the store (and her expansive hat collection) fresh and exciting at all times.

Kenny   they/them

Store Lead

This former farmer originally from our neighbor state of Idaho has a passion for building materials and vintage things, so we didn’t have to sell them on this gig at all!

Matt   he/him

Field Crew

Matt’s salvaged materials expertise allows him to be the one and only part time salvage crew team member we have.

Mo   they/them

Receiving + Yard

One of our many Midwestern transplants that loves to collect discarded treasures. Keeps their bird feeders full & fresh to enjoy the city’s feathered wildlife!

Nils   he/him

Co-Owner + Wood Specialist

This self proclaimed “wood geek” loves building custom furniture, restoring vintage carpentry tools & dad jokes.

Patrick   he/him

Co-Owner + Vice President

Spent his formative years in theater. Now uses his powers to extract material with gusto and drama.

Paul   he/they

Store Lead

Paul is a type of futurist architecture characterized by space age themes and non-utilitarian design.

Paulina   she/her

Receiving Lead

Paulina likes to make percussion instruments out of a hodge podge of materials. We look forward to impromptu percussion solos flowing from our receiving department.

Richard   he/him

Yard Crew

An assemblage artist by night, Richard works to merchandise the buffet of found objects and salvaged items that makes our inventory pop.

Ryan   he/him

Yard Crew

Ryan originally hailed from Tucson and got his love of reuse from his dad. We are so excited he’s here in the PNW and working with us!

Sara   she/her

Receiving Crew

When she’s not at work in our receiving department, Sara can be found glorifying garbage or fearlessly scaling mountains.

Ted   he/him

Co-Owner + Tech Wizard

The nocturnal force that keeps our database running and your online browsing potential maximized.

Tim   he/him

Free Range

Has kept Second Use employees hustling for over two decades. Do not step between this man and his work ethic.

Vik   they/them

Salvage Services Manager

This Midwesterner is the only person in our warehouse who doesn’t get cold in the winter. They also build really cool things.



Violet likes to repurpose any soft materials we get as bedding.

zac headshot

Zac   he/him

Receiving Team

Zac has a history with maintaining buildings, but his passion is his phenomenal wood cut art!

Zorica    she/they

Front + Field Teams

Zorica loves old buildings, and therefore loves being surrounded by the materials that come out of them!

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