Sustainability Starts With Salvage

How does it work?

Whether you’re planning a full demolition or just purging the remnants of a past remodel, Second Use offers a range of services designed to keep your useful material out of the landfill. All of our services- Drop Off, Pick Up, and Salvage- are always free to the homeowner, as we work only for the value of the materials.

What’s in it for me?

If the feel-good sensation of diverting waste just isn’t enough compensation, we are happy to offer cash, store credit, or a tax receipt through Habitat for Humanity in exchange for qualifying materials.

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Why Salvage?

Salvage Saves You Money

Materials that are no longer serving you, are costing you- demolition charges, dump fees, and storage costs add up. We get your materials into the hands of someone who will put them to active use at no cost to you.

Salvage Saves You Time

For many projects, our licensed and bonded salvage crew can come to you and pick up or extract unwanted materials free of charge, saving you the time and hassle of handling the materials yourself.

Salvage Saves Energy

Reuse saves the energy, natural resources, and pollution of producing new items. That “embodied energy” is paid forward with every item that finds a new home.

Salvage Saves Value

Just because your materials aren’t working for you doesn’t mean they won’t work for someone else. Finding that value and making these connections is what our business is about.

Salvage Services

Acceptance Policies

We strive to divert as many used building materials from the landfill as time, space, and demand allows.  Check out our Acceptance Policies to get our stance on most building materials and related items, and keep in mind that there are always exceptions.  Our Receiving Crew is happy to advise you on the best solution for your materials before you make the trip to our store, and thank you for your effort to divert waste.

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“We’ve been slowly remodeling our home and have used Second Use on more than one project. Initially, they were able to salvage lighting, a few appliances, all of the cabinets, two sinks, and a toilet from a small remodel. Down the road,  I dropped off a few windows and doors that were left over. Both the Field Crew and Drop Off Crew were fast, professional, and personable!”

– Ryan McMorris, Seattle, WA

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