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Second Use does not offer delivery.

Several apps, including Dolly and Lugg, allow customers to book on-demand delivery services that can handle most of our material. However, there is no guarantee they are trained for more technical moves (such as stone slabs, oversized windows, and Sub-Zero fridges). We also have many customers who use moving companies, such as Adam’s Moving or First Due (typically $150-200 for Seattle-to-Seattle deliveries, but contact them for more accurate prices).

If you prefer to move the material yourself and are simply in need of a larger vehicle, Home Depot offers rental trucks starting at $19 for 75 minutes, and U-Haul offers a variety of vehicles.


General Policy and Procedure

Our shipping program is still expanding, and we work to keep the process as simple as possible for everyone involved.

To start the shipping process, note the item numbers you are interested in having shipped and contact the store where the items are located; contact Seattle at 206-763-6929 and [email protected] or Tacoma at 253-267-0820 and [email protected]. We will need your full name, delivery address, phone number, and email address to start the shipping process. We will place the items on a multi-day hold, and a shipping coordinator will contact you with a quote for the shipping cost. Shipping times depend on the availability of shipping staff, and quotes can often take 4-7 weekdays, longer for large or breakable items.

Shipping Limitations

We require items to be in store for at least two weeks before we put them on a shipping hold to assure local customers have an opportunity to use the materials. Not all items in our stores are shippable; factors in this may include staff availability, material condition and fragility, and our confidence in being able to ship the materials safely. An item being held for shipping is not a guarantee of shipping. Upon closer inspection of the item(s), the person coordinating the shipping may determine it is not viable. Unfortunately, items occasionally become unavailable or damaged in the store, and we cannot guarantee the availability of our one-of-a-kind materials. We reserve the right to change our shipping policy at any time without notice.

Nationwide Shipping on Small Items

We offer USPS priority mail, often for less than $20. Most small hardware and miscellaneous items are easily combined to fit in one box, e.g., two pairs of doorknobs or several cabinet knobs. Second Use will determine what the most secure and cost-effective shipping method is.

Domestic Ground

For small items under 70 pounds, we generally ship via USPS ground. However, we may use another carrier if it is most cost-effective for the purchaser, which is often the case for items larger than 12” in any direction.

Our handling fee is $40 an hour, plus the cost of packing materials. Packing materials for small items are often free, but for more oversized or fragile items, we may need to purchase specific materials.


Many of the materials we sell are too heavy and bulky for package services. For these items, shipment via a trucking company is an option. We contract the shipping through a third party but can handle the packing of the materials and coordinate the shipping on our end. Our handling fee is $41 an hour, plus the cost of packing or palletizing materials. Freight service for one pallet is often $200 – $600, depending on location, weight, and size; shipping to a business with a loading dock or forklift can save up to $100 over home delivery. Freight shipping is currently only available on items in our Seattle store.

Alaska Shipping

Given the unique location of Seattle and our store’s proximity to the Seattle Port, we have many customers who ship materials to Alaska, often by the entire pallet. Generally, we can deliver palletized cargo from our Seattle store to Seattle area barges. For Alaska, we deliver to Alaska Marine Lines or Samson Barge in Seattle, starting at $125 for the first pallet. Additional pallets begin at $50 each. Heavy or breakable items will have additional costs for packaging. We will deliver the pallet to the requested company, and customer is responsible for shipping arrangements directly with the barge company. Barge shipping is currently only available on items in our Seattle store.

Professional Crating

For fragile materials (stone, glass, cast iron, etc.), we recommend Custom Crating. Please call them directly at 206-762-6543.

Other Shipping Options

If the shipping option you are looking for is not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact the store to explore options.


We do our best to provide specific details on items when asked. We encourage customers to work with us to provide pictures and narratives about our unique inventory. Unfortunately, occasionally items arrive and still do not satisfy customers’ expectations. We are happy to receive returns in original packaging. We work to keep our prices low, so we cannot refund shipping and handling charges or pay for return shipping. Please review our general Return Policy for more information, including our 10% return fee.

Items Damaged in Transit

Generally, items can be insured for up to $100 before shipping costs increase. Once an insurance claim is approved, we can refund all costs of items damaged in transit. If an item arrives damaged, refuse delivery and call us immediately.

For additional information, call us at 206-763-6929 for items in Seattle and 253-267-0820 for items in Tacoma.

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