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Can’t pick up an order from the store? We can help! Here’s a quick overview, but be sure to check out our complete shipping policy for details.



Second Use does not personally offer delivery, but there are a number of apps (Dolly, Fleetzen) that move household items. If you want to save a buck and don’t mind doing it yourself, Home Depot rents trucks less than a mile away for $20/hour.


We offer drop off to Alaska Marine Lines to serve our neighbors to the North. We also work with a local courier to get the best rates for our PNW neighbors. Call in with inventory numbers to place a hold for shipping and we’ll coordinate the rest!


We’re pleased to ship many items to the 50 states. Make sure items are shipping eligible by looking for the truck on each item’s page. If the item is doesn’t have a truck icon next to it, we are presently unable to ship it.

Shipping and Delivery Policies



Second Use does not currently offer delivery. There are a number of apps including Dolly and Fleetzen that allow customers to book on demand delivery services that are compatible with most of our material, though there is no guarantee they are trained for more technical moves (such as stone slabs and sub zero fridges.) If you are interested in moving the material yourself and are simply in need of a larger vehicle, the Home Depot in SODO offers rental trucks starting at $19/ 75 minutes.

Shipping: General Policy and Procedure

Write down the item numbers you are interested in having shipped and call 206-763-6929 with your delivery address, phone number and email address. The item will be placed on a multi-day hold and a shipping coordinator will respond generally within 48 hours. Shipments are processed Monday through Friday.

Unfortunately, some items become lost or stolen from the store while others sell before the website is updated. We cannot guarantee their availability. We reserve the right to change our shipping policy at any time without notice.

Nationwide Shipping on Small Items

We offer USPS priority mail, insured for less than $18. Most small hardware and miscellaneous items can be combined as is reasonable (e.g. two pairs of doorknobs or several cabinet pulls will be easy to combine into one shipment). Second Use will determine what is secure and costs you the least.
Domestic Ground

For small items under 70 pounds, we ship via USPS. For non-freight items larger than 15”x10”x5” we may use FedEx or USPS.

Our handling fee is $35 an hour, plus the cost of packing materials. Packing materials can cost nothing for small items but may cost more for larger items. Please call 206-763-6929 to hold your item for shipping and receive a quote.


Many of the materials we sell are too heavy and bulky for package services. For these items, shipment via a trucking company is an option. Our handling fee is $35 an hour, plus the cost of packing or palletizing materials. Freight service for one pallet is typically $200 – $400, depending on location, weight and size. Shipping to a business with a loading dock or forklift can save up to $80 over home delivery. Please call us for a quote.


Alaskan customers are encouraged to make their own shipping arrangements directly with one of the barge companies. Generally, we can deliver palletized cargo to Alaska Marine Lines for $95 for the first pallet and other Seattle barge terminals for $115. Additional pallets are dropped off for $50 each. Some items require special packaging and result in higher handling rates.

Professional Crating

For fragile materials (stone, glass, cast iron, etc.), we rely on Custom Crating. Please call them directly at 206-762-6543. They can pick up your material at Second Use after you pay and they will coordinate shipping for you. We also can coordinate with them for you for an additional fee.


International shipments are possible, but require special attention. Please call in to place a shipping hold on the item of interest and have your Customs Broker coordinate with us. Crating options are available through Custom Crating or we can package many items in house. Handling fees are rated at $35 per hour and a documentation fee applies. Customers are expected to coordinate international shipping independently or through their customs broker.


We do our best to provide specific details on items when asked. We encourage customers to work with us so we can provide pictures and narrative about our unique inventory. Occasionally items arrive and still do not satisfy customers’ expectations. We are happy to receive returns in original packaging. To keep our prices low we cannot refund shipping and handling charged or return shipping. Please review our general Return Policy for more information, including our 10% return fee.

Items Damaged in Transit

Generally, items can be insured for up to $100 before shipping costs increase. We are happy to refund all costs of items damaged in transit from FedEx once an insurance claim is granted. If an item arrives damaged refuse delivery and call us immediately.

For an accurate price quote, call us at 206-763-6929. We are sorry to say some items become lost or stolen, and we cannot guarantee their availability. We reserve the right to change our shipping policy.

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