Our Team

Aaron Wendel


Has a background in animation, which will be a real asset when we finish the script to “Second Use, the Animated Series.”

Alexander Eby

Yard Crew

If good hair was an indication of good customer service, Alexander would be our case study.

Anne Kohl

Lighting Specialist

Makes just about anything she can get her hands on light up.

Brad Clagg

Lead Estimator

Spends most of his days scoping salvage in the Second Use Prius. Yell “Hey Brad!” next time you see it in traffic.

Brian Roberson

Cashier & Yard Crew

Migrated from Michigan. Brings his midwestern sensibilities to every transaction. Keeps calm, cool, and collected so we can carry on.

Calyn Hostetler

Co-Owner & General Manager

We call her our general manager, but we mean the general glue that holds this whole thing together.

Cane Miranda

Yard Crew

Used to work in demolition, now battles waste with the good guys.

Chris Tincher

Yard & Field Crew

Builds us beautiful new fixtures whenever we please. Including 3-hole mini-golf courses.

Claire Schilperoot

Cashier & Yard Crew

If Claire hasn’t given you a hug, (lovingly) insulted you, or offered you candy, you’re doing something wrong.

Colleen Taylor

Yard Crew

Do not confuse this songbird with the fowl that live in our warehouse. She offers spectacular customer service and leaves us only pleasant gifts.

Corey Bova

Field Crew

We hired him for his good looks, but it turns out he is a pretty decent worker as well.

Dave Lacey

Store Manager

Our friendliest giant. Holds the Second Use Fall Fest record for preparing 600 hot dogs in 4 hours.

David Stone

Store Manager

Looks like a mythical beast but we swear he’s real, and ready to help you find the perfect item.

Dirk Wassink

Co-Owner & President

Fearless leader with a past career in tribology.

Flynn Bickley

Salvage Services Manager

Superhuman levels of strength and positive energy. Also, the creative force behind our iconic “grill” and “man eats house” tee shirts.

Garrett Lackner

Receiving Crew

Assists in the intake of materials when he isn’t lounging in cabinet sets.

Greg Balducci

Yard Crew

Resident class clown with a creative streak. Known to binge-watch Sanford and Sons.

Ian Davis

Yard Crew

Arguably the most cheerful, pleasant guy you’ll meet. Wore a suit to his interview. It’s still funny.

Joansy Eberhart

Yard & Field Crew

Some people collect stamps. Joansy collects dead things.

Jonathon Eaton

Receiving Crew

Has worked at 2/3’s of Seattle’s finest salvage yards. Hands off, Earthwise.

Jorge Martinez


Full time student and receiving crew member with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Lawson Revan

Shipping Specialist

Lawson has worn many hats at Second Use, but currently serves as our Shipping Specialist, because he is the special-ist.

Manuel Mendoza

Yard Crew

6-year Second Use veteran. Keeps the floor organized so you can find your item with agility and speed.

Mary Anne Carter

Outreach Coordinator

The voice of Second Use, but not necessarily reason.

Maxx Brown

Receiving Manager

View his perfect physique in real life by dropping off your reusable materials.

Michael Armstrong


Most frequently found in Receiving. Member of the salvage lifestyle since 1975. Lover of composting.

Patrick Burningham

Co-Owner & Vice President

Spent his formative years in theater. Now uses his powers to extract material with gusto and drama.

Ricky Munoz

Yard Crew

Once a week, Ricky steps aside from his woodworking bench and graces us with his presence. And for that, we are grateful.

Taj Schade


A longtime Second Use Veteran with a few tricks and lots of snacks up her sleeve.

Ted Siebert

Co-Owner and Tech Wizard

The nocturnal force that keeps our database running and your online browsing potential maximized.

Tim Anderson

Yard Manager

Has kept Second Use employees hustling for nearly two decades. Do not step between this man and his work ethic.

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