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Does Second Use accept used paint? —No


On April 1st, 2021 Washington State joined in the PaintCare program, which has been adopted by several other states as well. PaintCare is funded by paint manufacturers and makes paint recycling free and easy for Washington residents. While there will be many drop off sites for your unused paint in the area, Second Use will not be one of them. Second Use is no longer a drop off site for paint of any variety. We are hopeful this program will increase the communities participation in paint recycling!

PaintCare Recycling Program Information

Metro 100% Recycled Paint Available at Second Use


Did you know that for every gallon of recycled paint you use instead of new paint, you save an estimated 100 kilowatt hours of energy and avoid the release of 115 pounds of carbon dioxide into the environment? That’s pretty significant, considering that the EPA estimates 10% of all paint that is purchased is never used. That adds up to 65 million gallons each year.

Second Use is pleased to offer a green alternative for your next painting project: 100% recycled latex paints. MetroPaint is available in 14 colors and is significantly cheaper than most other paints. It is consistent in color and exceeds standards of the Master Painters Institute. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Recycled paint is also eligible for points toward Built Green and LEED certification. See what we have in stock.


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