Vintage Breton Lamps (2 pcs.)

$ 245.00

This set includes two lamps, each a hand-carved rendering of a colonial Breton. One lamp shows a feminine French figure, holding a scythe in one hand and with the other hand, probing a pocket for seed. The other lamp shows a more masculine figure, holding an inflated intestine. They both wear clogs, rest on wood bases, and stand below a single light socket. The vintage wiring has no ground, but wiring for both lamps works. The more masculine figure is a little loose from the base. Each light also features brass tubing and a flax-like heathered beige shade. Dimension are per lamp.

Item: 1119373-S

Location: Seattle

Rack: Front Space

Quantity: 1

Width: 8.75 in.
Height: 24.25 in.

Condition: Good

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