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Published June 12, 2017

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2U Cribs: Emma

“I bet it’s hard not to buy everything” is a phrase every Second Use employee hears at least once a day. And it’s true- with up to 1,000 new items coming through weekly, it takes a profound level of self control not to spend the bulk of your paycheck before you’ve left the building. Yet somehow, we all manage. And with our brand new series, 2U Cribs, we show you how. Each post will feature the space of a different Second Use employee so you can see how salvage plays a role in our lives (and maybe glean some inspiration for your own)!

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Published October 19, 2016

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Customer Project: Foundry Mold Sculptures

Seattle-based artist John L’esperance recently created a series of mixed-media sculptures assembled from reclaimed Foundry Patterns. L’esperance describes himself as “an artist in the Outsider tradition, unschooled and self-trained, utilizing found objects and reclaimed materials to construct multi-dimensional, mixed media art pieces that offer a fresh new vernacular.

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